Highlands Hope Initiatives accepts contributions from Arizona income taxpayers as a main source of funding. As an Arizona taxpayer, you can redirect your state income tax to Highlands Hope Initiative. Highlands Hope is a qualified Arizona charitable organization meeting the requirements for the Charitable Tax Credit, also known as the Working Poor Tax Credit.

Donors are eligible to claim a tax credit that reduces dollar for dollar, income tax owed to the state of Arizona. Arizona taxpayers are entitled to a 100% dollar for dollar credit against their Arizona income tax owed, up to $800 per married couple, or $400 per single person. A donation made by April 15 can be applied to the current Arizona tax year or retroactively applied to the previous Arizona tax year, Contact your tax advisor or for more information.  

Highlands Hope can use these funds to help children with special needs, provide low income families with certain medical care, provide the means to satisfy basic needs such as food and housing, as well as provide resources for job transition.